Our Story

For the past 14 years, The Colour Works has worked with employers large and small throughout the UK and overseas to help them develop emotionally-intelligent leadership teams, through a combination of presentations, workshops and coaching.  The company is based in Ferndown, Dorset, with an internal team of 7 employees and a network around the UK of 17 associates.  Founder, Giles Miskin, has now set up The Colour Works Foundation, a charitable operation designed to take the company’s transformational learning packages to groups of vulnerable adults who are, perhaps, most in need of such learning yet least likely to be able to access it.

Whether as a result of a lack of self-belief, poor social skills, a bad decision or just misfortune, a large number of people find themselves stuck, isolated and in despair.  The Colour Works Foundation exists to equip the socially-excluded in our society – the homeless, the unemployed, prisoners, ex-offenders, young adults at risk of becoming NEETs – with the knowledge and tools to take back control of their lives and fulfil their true potential, through a better understanding of their own worth, managing their own behaviour, building stronger relationships and making better decisions.

We believe passionately that really understanding yourself is the first stepping stone to discovering your unique contribution to society and being able to live a life of purpose, usefulness and happiness.  With a coaching and group workshop approach, using models and methods that have proven success with private and public sector employers, and delivered by seasoned professionals in their field, The Colour Works Foundation seeks to provide a turning point in people’s lives.


Meet the Team

Giles Miskin

Programme Manager


Giles’ varied career has seen him rising to senior positions in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, most recently as Founder and Managing Director of The Colour Works, a learning and development provider working with organisations large and small throughout the UK, to help them develop emotionally intelligent leadership teams.  The Colour Works is the largest distributor in the UK of the Insights Discovery profiling system.  He is an experienced facilitator, qualified executive coach and passionate about improving leadership and team-working capabilities.  He is also an accomplished speaker and was voted Speaker of the Year 2013 by the esteemed Academy for Chief Executives and Best Newcomer 2016 by Vistage International.  Giles’ fresh and informal style is certainly engaging, and whether working with senior executives of multinationals or ex-offenders, his messages come across loud and clear – developing your emotional intelligence is critical to getting the most from your relationships and to making better decisions.

Liz Davis 

Programme Manager


Liz has worked for several years as a leadership training and development consultant both with private and public companies.  She is an experienced coach and mentor with a proven record of developing individuals and teams to develop their decision-making skills and team-working, resulting in higher levels of performance in the workplace.  Through her work with The Shine Project, she has extensive experience of, and links with, the voluntary sector. As a Shine Coordinator, she has worked with young women to increase their confidence and self-esteem so that they recognise their potential and view themselves and others as valuable and beautiful.

‘Understanding how others act helps me to understand how I should’ – Robbie