The Colour Works Foundation

Building Self-Belief


Each young person attending the programme will leave with:

  • Tangible self-assessed improvements in confidence, emotional self-management, presentation skills, interpersonal skills and employability using a recognised measurement tool
  • New tools to gain and maintain employment and develop constructive relationships with colleagues
  • A personal development plan to focus on a future of hope and opportunity.

Course Outline

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Without self-belief, young people either shrink and withdraw or lash out in frustration and despair. Some of the most socially excluded in our society have no self-belief, perpetuating their isolation.

71% of employers value emotional intelligence (EQ) over IQ – 2011 Career Builder Survey.

8 in 10 under 34-year-olds in the UK identify as being ‘always or often’ lonely – British Red Cross.

The growing dependence on social media by developmentally-vulnerable adolescents has been proven to negatively affect their sleep, their interpersonal skills and their self-image, leading to anxiety and depression.

Many teenagers are unhappy by the time they leave school, often feeling like failures and lacking confidence.  Research by the Demos Think Tank suggests that happiness amongst teenagers declines as they grow up, with many concerned that their schooling is only helping them to pass exams. The findings come amongst growing calls for youngsters to be taught skills and abilities outside lessons, such as character and grit that will help them later in life.

Those young people who end up not in employment, education or training (NEET) have a much higher chance of developing mental health issues, getting involved with drugs, depending on benefits, going to prison – all of which is not only a waste of their own potential but also a huge cost to society.

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16- to 30-year-olds, whose experience of mainstream education has not enabled them to fulfil their potential, who are NEET or at risk of being NEET.  The individuals will be selected by the partnering organisation (school, college or other institution) based on the information about the course provided by TCWF.


Schools, colleges, youth organisations and Youth Offender Institutions across the UK.



Through a tailored programme of group workshops and one-to-one coaching, using models and methods that have proven success with private and public sector employers, we cover:

  • Self-Awareness – who am I? What am I great at? What do I struggle with? What inspires me?
  • Self-Management – what frustrates me? Do I react or respond? How well do I present myself? How do I build resilience?
  • Understanding Others – who do I naturally get on with and who not? Why might that be? How might I learn to value the differences?
  • Relationship Skills – how do I come across to others? Who are the critical people in my life? How might I adapt my style to better meet their needs?
  • Decision-Making – do I have a purpose? What help do I need to make better decisions?

Outcomes for the individual participant

By the end of the programme participants will:

  • Value themselves and others more
  • Have increased their ability to present themselves successfully to others and manage their relationships better
  • Be able to make more considered and robust decisions
  • Have a vision and a plan
  • Be provided with signposting to ongoing support network (mentoring / coaching)
  • Have increased their employability skills