My Experience as a Red personality

When I first took the TCWF personality quiz it was with a group of girls from my church youth group. As we went through their results it became increasingly clear that I was the ‘odd one out’ so to say. They had all come out as a combination of yellow green/ green yellow/ green blue. I, on the other hand, was across the colour wheel seated firmly in the red section, almost slap bang in the centre.

I think other colour personalities see us as the meanest colour. We are often the most abrupt, and the loudest. It is especially difficult to discuss when everyone else in your group has come out as the ‘happy-go-lucky’ yellows or the selfless green. Still, I am proud to be a red. Partly because I am so stereotypically red it is difficult to argue with.

I am making it sound like being a red personality is the worst thing in the entire world. This is not the case! Us red people are the leaders and the people who get the job done. We are passionate, enthusiastic, and confident. We tend to lean more towards role in leadership and often find we take on this role without even meaning to. Without the red people of the world, who would lead each operation, who would delegate, who would organise?

Difficulties and Benefits
The thing I am finding difficult about being a red personality is that I often want to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether that be cleaning up after a meal, a task I am doing at work or even just going to do some shopping. If it is a task, it needs to be done now. I have found this often leads to clashes with those of other colours.

Blue people for example, prefer to look at all possible solutions and outcomes and make a decision based on logic. I find this frustrating as, to me, this is a waste of time. We could have begun other tasks in the time it has taken to guarantee we are going about the task correctly. Yellow people tend to prefer a course of action that is more enjoyable for everyone, which often takes longer than necessary. Green people tend not to want to decide and would prefer someone else to make the decision. Even as I write this post, I am just writing and thinking as I go, and then I will go back and correct at the end. As I think that is the most efficient way to complete this task.

These are obviously just stereotypes about each colour person. I am very dominantly red. You may also come out as a red person, but a much less extreme version. Therefore, you might not agree/relate to the above paragraph as much. This is not to say you are not a red person, you may just be more between two other colours.

One thing I enjoy most about being a red person, is people always look to me for leadership roles. I like being seen as someone who will be able to lead a team, especially as people often put me forward before, I have expressed an interest. I like that people tend to see me as in control and a leader and therefore trust me to keep everyone in line and on task to have the best outcome. Again, not every red person feels this way, this is just my personal experience.

I hope this has given you an insight into a red personality. Whether you relate to me and therefore might be more red. Or completely disagree and therefore have crossed red off of your list of potential dominant colours. Either way, I hoped this has helped you in some way.