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Young People’s Feedback

100% of participants stated that the course was relevant to their day to day life.

I think this course is amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Ben, Participant

The course was very easy to understand

AIM Community Participant

Feedback from one of our partners

Rob Guy is Youth Intervention Manager for the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service:

The sessions helped the group to better understand how they could work together to reach common goals, as well as helping the young people as individuals to see their worth and what skills they have to contribute. This had a real impact and improved their sense of self-worth.

The course really helped them to understand each other’s personality differences which in turn helped them to better empathise with the rest of their team members and cope better in situations that might otherwise be challenging.

This helps during the programme as at times of conflict the Team Leaders can remind the group of the different personalities in the Team.

The young people were really impressed by the profiles that were created about them and it boosted their confidence massively while also providing them with a non-judgemental base to start thinking about things they want to improve upon.

The course is excellent; providing individuals with a chance to self-reflect and think about how they come across to others.

The young people had a greater understanding of their personality traits and their ability to open up about their behaviours.

They became more honest and open to the possibility of setting targets to improve their confidence and teamwork skills, as they felt comfortable discussing this with The Colour Works Foundation team who were brilliant with them.

The young people are more open to talk about their challenges / things that affect them. 

They have a greater understanding that everyone has different opinions / ideas.

Two of the young people have gone on to join a course about how to set up their own business, one is in the process of joining the army, one has completed his security training, one has applied for voluntary opportunities to help others, four have gone on to gain jobs which they are enjoying, one is moving into her own place and one has joined college.

The Colour Works Foundation had a big impact on these young people reaching these goals because they improved their confidence and understanding of themselves.


  • 100% of participants are able to self-assess their dominant behaviours using colour badges issued by TCWF
  • TCWF questionnaire issued at beginning and end of course shows improvement in overall wellbeing of group
  • 100% of participants complete a TCWF action plan in final session with clear identifiable next steps for their personal development
  • Feedback from young people during last session
  • Feedback from partnering organisation

Every attendee will leave the programme with their own personal profile booklet which can be used ongoing for personal development either with their current organisation or within future employment or training.


Case Studies

Space for participant video or feedback (Elisha or Ben)

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