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About The Colour Works Foundation:

What we do

We run an 8-week programme with young people based on The Colour Model. The full course outline can be downloaded below. 

By building self-belief through our colour profiling tool, we equip young people with tools that build confidence and resilience.  Participants develop strong interpersonal and communication skills so that they are able to make positive life choices for themselves.

Through a tailored programme of group workshops, using models and methods that have proven success with private and public sector employers, we cover:

Who am I?

What am I great at?

What do I struggle with?

What inspires me?

What frustrates me?

Do I react or respond?

How well do I present myself?

How do I build resilience?

Who do I naturally get on with and who not?

Why might that be?

How might I learn to value the differences?

How do I come across to others?

Who are the critical people in my life?

How might I adapt my style to better meet their needs?

Do I have a purpose?

What help do I need to make better decisions?

The Colour Works Foundation Course Outline
Colour Model lightbulb diagram


1. I can recognise personality types

Understand psychological type theory
Be able to describe the different colour types


2. I value differences in people

Understand psychological type theory
Be able to describe the different colour types


3. I am enough

Increased self-awareness of strengths of own type
Be able to recognise areas of weakness in own type


4. I can manage my emotions

Increased self-management techniques


5. I can develop healthy relationships

Improved strategies for managing difficult relationships


6.  I can communicate effectively

Improved strategies for managing difficult relationships


7.  I am a team player

Be able to recognise team roles
Recognise value that own style brings to the team


8.  I know what’s next

Each individual has 3 clear learning outcomes

Colour Works Foundation Course Attendees playing colour card game

Outcomes for the individual participant

By the end of the programme participants will:

  • Value themselves and others more
  • Have increased their ability to present themselves successfully to others and manage their relationships better
  • Be able to make more considered and robust decisions
  • Have a vision and a plan
  • Be provided with signposting to ongoing support network (mentoring / coaching)
  • Have increased their employability skills