Case study – young person’s perspective of our Building self-belief programme

AJ:                       So, Katie, what was good about the course?

*Katie:                 Well, I liked all of it. There were obviously some activities we did that I personally didn’t really find enjoyable, but I can still see how they’re beneficial for this sort of thing. Like that stick one because it’s teamwork.

What I think I’ve gained the most from it is it’s made me less judgmental of other people because I’ve been able to understand my opposites point of view with the colours. That’s what I like about it – it’s opened my mind a lot more.

AJ:                       Is there anything else you think you learned about yourself?

Katie:                 Yeah, obviously like I knew there were days when I feel down and not good about myself, but I didn’t know how they might make other people feel, things that people might find annoying about me. I can see now how my emotional state has an effect on other people.  So, then I can just not do that for certain people.

AJ:                      Would you recommend the course to other people? And if you would, why?

Katie:                 I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I think it really does open your mind a lot about other people and what you’re like. I think with the understanding of the colours it does make it easier for you to communicate with other people.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the young person